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Walking Away from the Church...

As you can see within the last 20 years attendance at Churches throughout the United States has been on the decline. The lack of morals and guidance is more and more apparent and getting worse in my opinion. I don't really know what started the exodus from church, but it's not slowing down and if you pay attention to the media all is bad and not getting any better.

People for centuries have needed something to believe in and it seems that in today's American society all we do is worship being busy and money. All I hear from people is that I have no time to be there or do this or that. The focus is not on others, but themselves and that is opposite of what the church teaches. Why does this matter? It matters because people are not looking out for their neighbor anymore or helping a friend in need as much as they used to. There is a decline in caring and assistance for others is growing and this process needs to be reversed.

I'm the first to tell you that church isn't everything, but neither is work or selfishness. Start caring for those around you and the people in your day to day life. The blessings you will incur will be substantial. The United States should get back to caring and helping one another.

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