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Morals and You...

Where do we learn our morality? In my opinion our morality comes from family, friends, and religion. These three entities control and form the person that we become in life. The influences from our families and friends are never ending throughout life, but the examples we learn through whichever religion you follow will impact you and your morality.

Learning happens by example, through watching, listening, and doing. Family is our and most influential body to teach us some form of morality, then our friends and church to follow. Although, I do realize that not everyone has a positive experience in these matters some families are broken, some don't go to church, and others don't have any friends. If this is you I pray that you ask your deity for guidance and that they send you the people in your life in order for you have a sense of morality.

If you ever need someone to talk to about such things this webpage and email are always open.

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