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Job Hunting...

Finding a job is not always as easy as some would have you believe. Having the right skills, experience, and attitude when interviewing makes a lot of difference. How do I know what my skills are? Well, can you type, communicate verbally, written word, and over the phone or in an email. How comfortable are you with conversations with other people either peers or your boss? All of these attributes come into play when looking for a job that will be a good fit for you.

Once you've identified your skills and double checked your previous experiences, if you have them, you are then ready to build your resume. A strong resume goes a long way, as well as having good education. At least a High School Diploma is needed for many jobs and often further education like a Trade school or College/University degree are required for other more lucrative jobs. What am I hinting at is that education and experience are key factors to landing the job you really want, so go out there do well in school and do your best always.

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