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Welcome  to the Circulus Plenus Project

A Non-Profit Organization

Educational Inspiration


Faith, Family, Finance, Job Development, and Mentorship

Church Interior


A belief in a higher power is essential to the growth and development of the soul.  Providing guidance and direction a sense of morality.  



The core family is instrumental

 to the development of children and adults.  Without family we have no beginning.

Financial District

Financial Understanding

Having a solid understanding of one's financial potential and development is key to growth and well being. 

Casual Business Meeting

Job Development

The use of websites for jobs, resume writing examples, and coaching are factors that can boost your chance to work.

Image by Kenny Eliason


Having a person to assist in guidance through life's issues is vital.  Someone who's been there and done that before and can tell you how to or not to do something.


"Our buildings may change, our transportation too, the values and morals to which we hold each other accountable never should."

Jeffrey Lewis


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